Spring Concert

The Cantabile Singers are presenting our spring concert, I Know Those Words, this Sunday, April 30th, at 7:00 pm at the Broomfield Auditorium, 3 Community Park Road, Broomfield.

I think it’s going to be a very nice concert. Our pianist, Stella Pradeau, will be playing two lovely Rachmaninov pieces. Yours truly is providing some narrative commentary about origins of the pieces.

The Broomfield Auditorium is larger than our usual venue, so it would be really great to have as many people as possible there! Tickets will be $10/Adults, $7/Students & Seniors.



  1. S

    Hey Katja,

    I was looking at the choir’s gorgeous website. You’ve really done a fantastic job with it =)

    I was also enjoying listening to the samples (BTW, the “Listen” icon images are broken for me if I go to the “Listen to Cantabile” section through; but the images display okay if I view the same page through

    But, anyway, my question is: how did you guys do the recordings of those samples? Was it just recorded at one of your concerts? Did you hire a professional Sound Engineer(?) to do it for you?

    I was also interested in hearing the Practice Recordings (, but when I downloaded the MP3, I got a 3M file, but it wouldn’t play in Winamp (the running time was missing which makes me think Winamp couldn’t read it properly)…

    Anyway, the snippets that I can hear are FABULOUS!! =D

    — Sienca

  2. Katja (Post author)

    Thanks, Sienca!

    All the bits on the Listen to Cantabile page were recorded at concerts. Our sound guy, Alan, is what I would characterize as a very serious audio hobbyist; he’s got excellent equipment, and he does fiddle with the recordings quite a bit.

    Thanks for the heads-up about the links; that’s an artifact of WordPress’ screwy permalinks. I’ve updated the page with fully qualified URLs, and that should solve the problem.

    Which practice mp3 did you have trouble with?

  3. Sienca

    That’s cool that you have someone like Alan =)

    I was having the same problem with all four of the Dormi, Jesu parts… from here:

    The weird thing is, everything looks okay. It downloads a 3M file, the file properties look okay, but Winamp isn’t reading the audio properties.

    The two text readings work just fine.

  4. mdmhvonpa

    Ohhhh, I love Rachmaninov. Tricky stuff though.


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