Bitch, bitch, bitch

Bitch #1:

An organization I am peripherally involved in recently had a big fundraising event. Prior to the event there were flurries of emails, including this one:

The lot right there is the free lot. It is down hill from the stadium so you will have to wall up the hill and will enter at the ground level. If yourself or any of your guests have trouble walking up the hill you can drive up the driveway right next to the parking lot and drop people off at the door. They can go in and up the elevator to the luncheon.

Of course we know that those poor people who have trouble walking always have someone else to drop them off! They would never, ever drive themselves.

Bitch #2:

This thread on FlyerTalk. This post specifically.



  1. Susan

    Re: #1…I could shreik VOLUMES about this, but, instead, bite my tongue and hold my peace. Sort of. And stay away. I get asked ‘Why…’ and mumble something about accessibility. And receive blank looks in response.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    Heh … Goes without saying that access is unrestricted as long as you can reach the access point, eh?


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