Everybody needs a hobby

My new hobby is swinging through the Gebhardt BMW parking lot a couple of times a week.

If there are illegally parked cars, I call the cops.

I think they’re catching on to me, though, because last time they moved the car before the cop got there. That’s ok, though. I’m doing operant conditioning with positive punishment.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    A week or two back I bought a car from their neighbor. It occurred to me to let Gebhardt know why I didn’t bother checking their stuff because they could have sold me something. But I won’t shop much for cars (I would parade my ample pulchritude naked down the Pearl Street Mall before spending one unnecessary nanosecond looking at cars). Given a reason to avoid a particular seller, I will. And I did.

  2. Katie

    Way to go; calling the cops sounds like a very positive outlet for a load of frustration to me! I take it nothing came of your last letter to the high muckey-mucks at BMW.

  3. Ranter

    Excellent! I love it! Takes a lot of perseverance from you, but I bet they’ll get the point.


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