Still trying to grok

I’ve managed to figure out that I can subscribe to my bookmarks as an RSS feed. What I can’t figure out is whether I can use this to do my daily blog reading. Let’s say I’ve got a bunch of bookmarks tagged “blog”. What I want is not the list of blog links in my RSS feed (, I want the new entries on those blogs. How do I do that?



  1. Fritz

    You read the new entries with a feed reader. Please tell me you don’t actually visit every blog website every day.

    For my blog, the most popular feed readers are (in order of popularity):

    My Yahoo
    Google Desktop / Google Reader
    …and everyone else

    I’ve found that My Yahoo, Google Desktop, and Bloglines are all very usable.

  2. Katja (Post author)

    I am using an RSS reader, but right now when I want to add a new blog, I have to add it to both my RSS reader and delicious. I’d like to have delicious be the source for the RSS reader. Make sense?

  3. Fritz

    Okay, I think I understand. You want to just bookmark it to and your feed reader will automagically pick up all the feeds in your feeds category.

    Sounds like a slick trick. The usual way to import a list of feeds is with an OPML file. If there’s a way to easily generate OPML from your category then maybe that would be a way to start with this. It would still require a manual step to do the OPML import, I think. Hmm…. some thought on this will probably result in a solution, although programming would be required. What do you use for a feed reader?

    Go visit Freshblog and leave a comment asking about this. I betcha John there knows the answer.

    Sorry about misunderstanding the question earlier.


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