Monthly Archive: February 2006

Dear Duesseldorf Airport

Duesseldorf Airport apparently doesn’t get it. Read Christiane’s In Pantoffeln zum Gepäckband (in German). A translation is below. Dear organizational geniuses of Duesseldorf airport: Imagine an airport where passengers are required give up their shoes at check in, and wear…
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Three years ago, my hair was below the shoulders. Two years ago, after I lost 40 pounds, I got it cut in a chin length bob. Last month I got it cut in a kind of bushy mid-short cut that…
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Dillard’s alternative

This town has got to get another department store. Once again, I went to Dillard’s, to pick up some tights. Once again, my blood pressure started going up at the sight of the insulting feel-good signs outside the double glass…
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Blog links?

Have the blog links in the sidebar (under my outlived their usefulness? I originally put links there so that I would have a handy list of the blogs I like to read. Now I use an RSS reader. Would…
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Still trying to grok

I’ve managed to figure out that I can subscribe to my bookmarks as an RSS feed. What I can’t figure out is whether I can use this to do my daily blog reading. Let’s say I’ve got a bunch…
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