Monthly Archive: January 2006

Men’s choirs

Gotta love guys who sing. I went to hear Cantus Saturday night at Macky. Nine guys, 5 tenors, 2 baritones, 2 basses. They have a beautiful blend, create an easy-going rapport with the audience, and perform an incredibly diverse range…
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WordPress 2.0 permalink pain

I’ve been struggling with permalinks in WordPress 2.0 (on another site) ALL DAY. I’m irritated. I’m clearly not the only one.

WordPress 2.0

I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0. Things look pretty happy. I’m still using Spam Karma on comments. Please let me know if you see anything wacky.

Web Forms

Via 486 Berea Street, A List Apart’s article Sensible Forms: A Form Usability Checklist.

Like a Mouse on Fire

At work, we have a new metaphor for that behaviour that is between getting revenge and going down in flames: Mouse burns down house in revenge A mouse wreaked revenge on a pensioner who tried to kill it by tossing…
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Self determination

Agent Fang is back, hooray, with her adventures in wheelchair maintenance. Sadly, she has disabled comments. If I could comment, I would say, “Well done! And the next time it’ll be much easier. Get yourself a nice set of hex…
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