Yearly Archive: 2006

So close to perfect

I’ve been cooped up in the house since Tuesday, so my husband and I went out in search of adventure this morning – I suggested we try Roger’s Grove, a park with broad paved paths along the river. First, let…
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Blizzard 2006

There’s some snow outside: My beloveds (husband and kids) did a wonderful job over the last two days clearing off the driveway and the sidewalk: More pictures at flickr: Blizzard, December 2006

All I want is a regular Christmas tree

Where are the regular Christmas trees? By “regular”, I mean a) real, and b) not pruned and shorn into a tortured, stunted, overfilled cone. I’m already at a disadvantage when it comes the Christmas tree buying, because I was taught…
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TSA: Consistently inconsistent

The only thing consistent about the TSA is their inconsistency. Toothpaste? I have (had) a 5.2 ounce tube of toothpaste with approximately 1 oz remaining – made it through 8 screenings, was confiscated last week. Bags? I have a small…
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Judge Says Currency Shortchanges the Blind

From the Washington Post: Judge Says Currency Shortchanges the Blind: A federal judge said yesterday that by keeping all U.S. currency the same size and texture, the government has denied blind people meaningful access to money. … Government attorneys argued…
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The Re-Education of Michael Graves

John Hockenberry interviews Michael Graves: When I visit Graves again one steamy morning last summer, he is confined to his bed due to a prolonged bedsore, under strict medical orders to heal it by staying down and out of his…
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