Laptop Happiness

F5The F5 key on my laptop has been wiggly for months, and last week it gave up the ghost and fell off. So I did what I had been putting off – I called IBM Customer Service.

Imagine my amazement – during the dizzying space of 12 minutes, my call was answered, my vital statistics were taken at lightspeed, and I was transferred to a technician in Atlanta who informed me that he would put a keyboard in the mail tomorrow, it would arrive the day after, and there would be no charge because my three year warrenty is good until April 2006!

And it was so. It took about 5 minutes to pop the old keyboard out, the new one in, and now it’s like having a new laptop, all clean and shiny!



  1. sandra


  2. Patricia Tryon

    Awesome. I remember the days when Apple service was like that…


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