Standing’s not going to be a problem, or How I got chucked out of the ticket-selling moms

My daughter’s playing the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods at high school. I signed up to sell tickets – not generally what I’d consider a labor-intensive job.

Ticket Mom calls me up. We agree on days. We agree on times. Then she says, “Is standing going to be a problem?”

“I use a wheelchair,” I say, “so, no, standing’s not going to be a problem.”

“Oh.” Long pause. “Well that won’t work out. The counter’s much too high.”

We decided I might be better suited to working on the program. It was a short conversation, as I didn’t feel like raising her consciousness today.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    )(*$&^$)(* $)^(*&)#*% $^)*(& Longmont.

  2. Fritz

    My, wasn’t Ticket Mom just SPECial.

  3. mdmhvonpa

    Hmmmm, since you are in a wheel chair, would you mind if we have you haul trash? Nice.


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