Feeling Nervous (and Foolish)

Normally, I try not to do anything that would cause my employer to notice that I might be sick (or, god forbid, disabled). This has led to me doing somewhat foolish things, like working a 40 hour week when totally wiped out by fatigue, or going to work in a raging blizzard when I could barely haul my ass out of the car and into my wheelchair.

So today, in a fit of sensibleness, faced with dire predictions of 6-10 inches of snow and with my husband somewhere in Kansas (ie, unable to rescue me should I get stuck somewhere), I decided to work at home. Working at home is kind of a hit or miss proposition – despite VPN, there are a lot of resources I cannot access from home, and I usually wind up charging only half a day and taking a half a day of vacation.

It’s 37 degrees F and raining. All I can say is, it better start snowing and freezing soon! Or I’m going to feel like a right idiot for staying home when we’re really behind the eight ball on the project.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    If you don’t watch out for yourself … who will? The county coroner?

  2. Fritz

    You should know by now that our city *never* gets the weather that’s forecast for Denver and Boulder :-)

    The forecast called for snow to be mostly to the south of Denver and Boulder, with the snow changing to rain as the day continued on.

    The Winter Storm Warning includes Boulder County, but I think we’re far enough east to be out of the snow. I haven’t looked to see what it’s doing in Gunbarrel/Boulder, though.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    It’s like we’re in some kind of weird banana republic, exempt from the snow.

    My husband, on the other hand, is probably going to be spending the night in his truck in Limon; they’ve closed I-70 between here and there.

  4. Patricia Tryon

    Katja, I just got back from Boulder. The snow seems to be in the hills there, but there were plenty of cars driving around with 4″ or so of snow on their roofs.

    And it’s wicked cold.

  5. michael

    You’ll feel like what? A *right* idiot?

  6. Katja (Post author)

    It’s a Britishism: “a right idiot”.


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