The Will to Decorate

I think I’ve lost it.

I’ve given in on wall colors and doors. Light fixtures can’t be far behind. A couple of years ago I bought the end of a bolt of this incredible fabric that I just adore at Hobby Lobby for, like $1/yard. It’s a gauzy off-white with various brown yarns woven through it. I mentioned to my husband that I was really looking forward to making our new bedroom curtains out of it, and he made his “that stuff would be better off fed to the pigs” face. Maybe I should just give it away now and save myself the trouble.

Oh well. I’ve got two new websites to design, that ought to take my mind off it.



  1. Jody

    Oh, it sounds beautiful to me! Put your foot down on this one!

  2. Patricia Tryon

    Grrrr. How is it that our beloved ones seem to have little (good) imagination for these things? Chuck is generally unenthused until he sees the final results, FWIW…


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