Color II

Aaahhh!!! Heaven on Earth is pastel baby blue. My living room looks like a baby boy nursery. I don’t know if I can cope.

Maybe once we add the many, many 7 foot bookcases, the large round cherry coffee table, the piano, the two black barrel chairs, the long red sofa and the giant African blanket hanging on the wall it won’t be so bad.



  1. Stephen

    As a former baby boy, I see nothing wrong with pastel baby blue boy’s nursery. Tho I don’t know if I’d want my living room to look like it. Put all the furniture and accumulated crap back in place, and I bet it will look fab.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    hey, remember that little phantom charater? It’s back! A little ‘2’ off to the right, above the date but below the title bar. To the left of the search box.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    What browser? I’m not seeing it.

  4. Kezzykat

    Me either, I use Safari on an Ibook

    About the colour, lovely and bright so should give that airy feel to the room :)


  5. mdmhvonpa

    Ok, you guys are starting to make me question my sanity! Maybe it’s a dirty trick my XP/IE.

  6. Katja (Post author)

    It’s too sweet.

    Maybe grey?

  7. Patricia Tryon

    Doesn’t sound like anything that wouldn’t be fixed by a broad band, chair-rail fashion, of neon orange ;-)

  8. Katja (Post author)



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