Last night’s bedtime reading was the Upton Tea catalog. Tea descriptions are so intriguing: tippy. golden, flowery … and what’s “Orange” about pekoe?

Some more tea reading:
Flowery, rustic, tippy, smokey
Tea Education
drinks – teatime
Tea Glorious Tea



  1. Kezzykat

    MMMMmmmmm tea,

    I have to admit I am addicted, being a brit and all I guess that is pretty cliched.

    I love the traditional ‘rose hip’ and the chinese green tea. But good old fashioned caffiene enriched, bog standard tea wins every time.

    great links :)


  2. Katja (Post author)

    Me, too. Just toss a teabag full of fannings in there, steep that boy for four minutes, and life is good.

  3. Kezzykat


    I am what is affectionately (or otherwise0known as a “tea belly”

    do you take your regular tea hot with milk?

    Friends across the pond take theirs cold…

    take care,

  4. Katja (Post author)

    Hot, with milk and sugar.

    My mother was German (hot, no milk), but she worked as a governess in England (actually the Isle of Man) where she was converted to milk, and that’s what we were brought up with.

    In the States, you know if you are north or south of the Mason-Dixon line by the default temperature of tea. North of the M-D line, tea is by default hot, and you have to ask for iced (which will be unsweetened). South of the line, the default tea is iced, pre-sweetened (because we know that the sugar won’t dissolve properly in cold liquid), and you have to ask specifically for hot.


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