Browser Frustration

I updated Opera to 8.0. Some changes for the better, some not. Blogspot blogs now correctly display both columns (in 7.x, the content appeared on top, the navigation column appeared below).

Google Groups don’t work, though. I don’t think it’s a function of the Opera upgrade, they didn’t work in Opera 7.x either. For a long time I managed to get around it by using the old interface, but that link stopped working and now all I can get is the new interface. When you click on a thread, it loads whatever fits on a single screen, then hangs.

So I started using Firefox just for Google Groups. But it’s frustrating. I really, really want Z and X to mean Back and Forward. I don’t want to go to a different place to do a search. And it doesn’t remember sessions! I know I can download extensions, but I don’t think I should have to.


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