At the Kitchen Table

From Eldest Son:

After reading the Dialogues of Plato, Monty Python is much funnier.

From Youngest Son, on being asked if he wanted to come to my (secular) choir concert:

I would come if you people didn’t sing about God so much.



  1. Stephen

    For one of my birthdays, my dad gave me a book of Plato and a collection of Pogo, with the comment that these were the only two books one needed for a full life philosophy. While I think in the long run, I prefer Pogo to Monty Python, I too prefer Monty Python to Plato. Much funnier.

  2. Katja

    Sining about God?

    Shall I assume that’s a Freudian slip?

  3. mdmhvonpa

    Secular choir … Sining about God? My oh my, where is the ACLU when you need them! ;)

  4. mdmhvonpa

    Oh-HO! It must be the devils hand holding up that G on the keyboard. ;)


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