Fuck this! Fuck this precipitous, disastrous descent into disfunction.

It’s like I can’t even think anymore. Everybody around me has speeded up double time, there’s no way to catch up.



  1. Kezzykat

    Hi Katja,

    crap, you are having a bad time of it. i hope if this is the remission bubble bursting that it doesn’t last long. You still doing a lot at work??…maybe once the heat isn’t too intense there you will fair better? Maybe worth relinquishing the reins for a bit and thinking of you, frustrating as that is.

    But hey what do I know! just hate to ‘see’ ya so frustrated.


  2. Katja

    I’m home from work today. The funny thing is, as long as I don’t try to do anything (like get out of bed), I feel like I’m fine. It’s not true, but it’s a tease.

    We don’t have heat here, or humidity, thank goodness. It’s a breezy overcast day, probably with a high around 70F.


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