The Reward for a Job Well Done

Is another job.

In the last several weeks I’ve assumed two new sets of responsibility at work, without actually getting rid of any of the old responsibilities. I used to think I had no free time; now I know I was free as a bird, then. Up until now, I just had my own little piece of the pie, now I’ve got the whole software development effort, so it gets to be my fault when we ship late, without the right functionality. I’m not sleeping so much these days.

I’ve also moved from doing performance reviews for 4 people to being functional manager for 28 people, and part of the team that makes the hard decisions. That’s keeping me up at night, too.

My program manager tells me he had the same problem when he took the job, and that I’ll be sleeping much better in a couple of months. I must be stressed, I actually used the word “irregardless” in public the other day.




    Way to start a sentence in the title and then finish in the post. I think that’s classy.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    As long as you did not say ‘irregardlessly’ …

  3. Kezzykat

    got tired just reading that!

    Hope you don’t get too stressed!

    Love the new background BTW,




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