Are we speaking the same language?

In my next life, I want a program where, when the system engineer says, “Black” and the programmer nods understandingly and says, “Yes, black”, they both mean that black that is the absence of all color, and not, say, chartreuse and magenta.




    PRETTY FUNNY! I deleted all those mean comments. Do you think that was a good idea or do you think that I was just giving him what he wanted? Also, I looked at his IP address and it turns out he’s from ST John’s?! I thought that the caliber of students here was way better than baseless ad-hominem anonymous attacks. Why aren’t you thinking about what I have said about knowledge as a construct?


    Also, here’s this place:

    It’s pretty cool because there’s this section at the top that stays there while you scroll down the rest of the screen. Remember that’s what I wanted when I had the pristine snowflake theme? That the snowflakes, the best part of the whole thing, not move when you scrolled down? Maybe you can look at the source and see if it’s easy to do. If you want. Love you.


    Huh, on second thought it looks like he uses a separate (frame?) Not cool. ChinaRed is good enough for a long time anyway.

  4. Katja (Post author)

    1. I thought it might be a St John’s person – sounded like someone who already had an opinion about you. I probably wouldn’t have deleted the comments.
    2. I am thinking aobut what you’ve said. I just haven’t been ready to write anything down.
    3. There’s another way to do it without frames, I think. Let me cogitate on it.

  5. Patricia Tryon

    This is why everyone should speak Pantone ;-)


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