Oh, no, not the hands!

Couple of weeks ago, I started feeling very, very perky. So perky, in fact, that remission seemed to be in the air. And so it was. I’ve been leaving the wheelchair in the car and using crutches in the house. I even walked up and down the stairs a couple of times.

Then came Christmas Eve, and Too Much Baking and general carrying on. Yesterday I was a basket case (thank you, Daughter, for putting me to bed last night). Today I am resting aggressively, except for that brief period of insanity when I went out to ride the handcycle. Ever since then, my hands have been very weird and uncooperative. I don’t like this.



  1. Erik

    Sorry about the hands. I can certainly sympathize. :-(

  2. Angel

    I also can sympathize. I thought I had my MS-related trigeminal neuralgia under control…but it’s come raging back. Gotta love the holidays.

  3. Jody

    Oh, that sucks. All the more reason to rest, though….

  4. Patricia Tryon

    That wasn’t what I wanted you to get for Christmas :-(


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