Time flies …

I’d always planned to re-do the RMVR website using PHP or something one of these days, maybe add a search function. Then the administrative address and phone number changed (it’s on every page! sometimes twice!), and I got a couple of complaints about finding things, and lo, the time was right.

I spent a couple of hours re-doing it with PHP includes Friday night, but never got comfortable with how to reliably handle relative paths.

Today I converted almost the whole site to Movable Type, primarily for the search functionality. I think it turned out pretty well.

I asked a few people to review it, and one came back with the suggestion that the search was all very well, but if I was really going to deploy it, I would need to provide instructions on how to use it next to the search form. It boggles the mind that Google is doing so well, if the ordinary web surfer needs instructions on typing words into a search box. Perhaps I am overestimating my user community.

On the home front (or should that be the away-from-home front?), it looks like Eldest Son survived his first Don Rag pretty well. (What’s a Don Rag?)



  1. Patricia Tryon

    VERY nice. (The Web site looks good, too *grin*)

  2. Katja

    You like that? It was one of the templates that came with WordPress. I was a little surprised that he picked it, but not too surprised.

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Well, maybe there’s a distinction between actually liking something and believing that it serves its purpose admirably :-)

    I’m hardly a candidate for the club, but it seems to me that aspects of the template work pretty well for what I imagine the “gestalt” to be. Not sure that makes sense, but I’ve been on hard duty breaking in the new comforter today ;-)


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