Minding our Ps and Qs

Listen up! If we want able-bodied people to respect the laws pertaining to handicapped permit parking, we have to respect those laws, too! No parking in the striped access aisle, no blocking the curbcut, even if you do have a permit.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    Wow. I try to only park in the HP spots if there are more than 4 open. Being the token crip’ where I work, this usually is not an issue. The thing that bugs me is that invariably, some delivery truck will park behind me and block me in for a good half hour. If I know I need to leave on time on a particular day, I’ll go out and move my car at lunch to a non-hp spot. Get a lot of grief about that sometimes, but I dish it out as good as I get it. I have only once seen someone park in the access area in my life. Then again, I have NEVER seen a chair or cane on anyone using the spots in the area where I live. Kinda pisses me off, you know. Pretty soft rant, eh?

  2. Eileen

    I don’t drive, so I’m not guilty. But one of these days I’m going to drive my scooter over the hood of some fool who is blocking the curb cut waiting for the light to change. Then there are the people who are walking and talking on their cell phones, or have the music cranked on their ipods, and walk right into your path. I got a kayaking airhorn for them, since the horn on my scooter is pretty puny. And for the lady who gets blocked in by delivery trucks, I think that is illegal, and you ought to be protesting, not moving your car at lunch. Really, how rude can you get? What if another handicapped person actually wanted/needed to park there? And why should you have to put up with being blocked in by delivery trucks? You’d be better off if they just parked in a couple of the spaces. Sheesh!!!

  3. Katja

    mdmhvonpa – it’s hard sometimes, to find the time and energy to educate and be proactive, but that’s the way to change things. Take the time to find the truck driver, or put a note on windshield. Over time, these people will figure it out. The truck drivers probably figure (like you), that they never see anybody with a wheelchair using those spaces, so there’s no harm in blocking them. At my company, we’re always shifting people around, and the big moving truck is in front of my building maybe once a week. They used to block my car, the ramp, the door, you name it, but once they got used to seeing me around the place, they got very careful about where they put the truck.

  4. mdmhvonpa

    Eileen,Katja … I pick my battles. As a contractor, I’m pretty much lower than dirt. It’s UPS trucks and such (the same guys I dust on the turnpike). If you dont have a video tape of the incident, it never happend. Recently, I’ve been reassigned to a new client so Im in a new office space. Nice building, lots of hp parking and a docking bay for deliveries. Yes!


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