Driving Grandma’s car

disabled license plate

I got new license plates on my lunch hour today. The airport made me do it. Everytime I go on a trip I park in the back 40 so that I can take my hang tag with me to wherever I’m going, and it’s always a challenge to find a non-permit spot where I can guarantee I won’t be blocked in.

So now I should be happy, right? Park conveniently at the airport, take the tag with me.

I’m depressed. I’m marked for life, driving Grandma’s car.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Last week I bought my first glucose reader and, in a different way, I feel just crappy about that. You have Grandma’s car; I have her virtual ICU in what used to be a linen closet. But at least I have a public line about it: I have a BS monitor and I am not afraid to use it.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    Heh … I’ve had a perma-crip plate for years and it is a total bane. If I park in the reserved spots, I get the most wicked looks for being ambulitory. If I fail to park in a reserve spot, I get lambasted for using up valuable spots close to the building. I need to get a helecopter permit or start driving a school bus to get a more violent reaction.

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Whoo-hoo! I did not see the plate yesterday. Triple X plates! *grin*

    mdmhvonpa, folks berating someone with a permit for parking in a permitted space has NEVER made sense to me. Berating someone who does NOT have a permit for parking in a permitted space is another thing altogether. But up here in Colorado, there are so many (barely) ambulatory folks with various cardiac and/or pulmonary conditions, maybe folks here are more accustomed to the idea that not all physically limiting conditions “show” as clearly as the 9th month of pregnancy.

  4. Katja

    Yeah, that’s me – Triple-X wheelchair woman.

    Interesting take on the close of the paralympics from Christina Papamichael (Paralympics Blog)


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