A Shallow Post

Ok, you women who regularly wear lipstick, what do you do about eating? Wipe it off beforehand and re-apply afterwards? Eat it off with your meal (and ugh, leave lipstick on the water glass), and re-apply later?

A quick web search for the answers to this essential question uncovered that the women of America apparently all wear lipstick and none of them eat. “If you are planning on eating or drinking…” Damn straight I’m planning on eating and drinking. In fact, I plan to eat and drink every single day!



  1. Bonnie

    Man I couldn’t remember the name of your journal so just started in my gobs of bookmarks!

    Unfortunately I forget to blot so often leave lipstick on the glass or cup and I hate that. But we eat where they have paper napkins so I can wipe of the dishes. :-)

  2. sandra

    I use a lipstick that doesn’t come off. Revlon Colorstay Overtime™ Lipcolor, it says on the label. I don’t know what it’s made of, and I probably don’t want to :)

  3. Becca

    Five words: Clinique Stay the Day Lipcolour. And a word of warning: make sure you like the color, because once you put it on, it is near impossible to get off! I discovered this product for a wedding I was a part of recently, and it lasted from the salon to lunch to the wedding to the reception, and I only needed to reapply the gloss part once or twice. The color really did stay the day. :)

  4. Katja

    I’ll look for it, thanks for the tip.


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