Better than expected

Yesterday was our first run through of Quilters. We have not rehearsed together since June (early July?), but a few hardy souls (myself included) had impromptu rehearsals in the interim.

I’ve been pretty worried about this production, but was pleasantly surprised yesterday – people were on the ball. Some of the principals were already off-book, and most were comfortable with both lines and music. The director and AD had done a lot of work on blocking and props. There was only occasional anguish about diverging from the stage directions. This play might be moderately decent after all.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Looking forward to it. What are the dates, again?

  2. Katja

    November 12th – 13th:
    ASTER Current Season

  3. Patricia Tryon

    That Web site looks a LOT better, too :-)

  4. Katja

    Why, thank you! Like the Borg, I have assimilated another website.


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