Condo Association Loses

Last spring, we read about a condo association that prohibited a wheelchair-using tenant from entering the building via the front door. The case has been settled: US$70,000, and get rid of the rule.



  1. Dorothea Salo

    I am agog. What kind of [censored] thinks this kind of rule is in any way desirable?

    Justice, for once, has been served.

  2. Katja

    I’ve never lived in a condo, but from everything I’ve ever heard about condo associations, they are the sorority girls of the grown up world (I’m sure I just offended about a bazillion people – sorry). You know, the ones who care more about their bridesmaids all being the same height and weight than they care about having their friends with them at their weddings? Fat,ugly or gimpy? Don’t mess up the beauty of our front door.

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Where’s the name of the association president? The one who was such a butt in threatening the family? I want her to write 5,000 times on the sidewalk in front of the building: I will not be a butt. I repent of being a butt. I will learn from my mistake. I will choose the paths of justice for all. I will not be a butt, ever again.

    Make that 10,000 times.

  4. Patricia Tryon

    We live in a place governed by a home owner’s association and it sure seems like you’re right. Anyway, this is a week in Colorado when sorority girls should be keeping their heads down in prayer and meditation on their lives — not to mention the former frat boys.


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