Charmed life

I’m living a charmed life.

One of the things my Beloved likes to point out about me is that I sometimes make mistakes. With important things, like plane tickets.

When I booked tickets for my trip with Eldest Son to Baltimore in August, I checked them very, very carefully. Imagine my surprise this evening when Frontier Airlines called me up to let me know that the redeye I had tickets for (excuse me, redeye? Redeye? I booked a redeye? Why yes, a plane leaving at 11:55 pm and arriving the next day at 5:15 am is usually considered a redeye) was, sadly, not on their schedule any more, and would we mind very much being put on the 6:40 pm flight.

I managed to choke out that we could handle the change.

Whoo. Dodged that one.


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  1. mdmhvonpa

    I guess they specify their red-eye by EST and not PST. Here in Philly, the Red-Eye to Seattle still takes off at 11:15pm. Subtract 4 time-zones, and volia, 7:15. Go figure.


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