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Today I discovered that for some reason (undoubtedly having something to do with mechanics, or physics, and my beloved is going to help me understand which and why) it is possible to push a shopping cart with one hand and a wheelchair with the other and still more or less go in the direction you want to go!

Normally, if you just use one hand to push a wheelchair, you will go around in circles. But with the other hand on the cart, you can cancel out that whole centripetal thang somehow.

This discovery removes the last obstacle to independent grocery shopping (well, besides all that stuff on high shelves, but heaving a bag of frozen peas at it frequently has a salubrious effect)! I’m pretty excited! (You know I’m excited because I wouldn’t normally allow three exclamation points in one post; there would be some serious editing.)



  1. Becky

    Ooooh, you just brought back a huge wave of memories from my manual-chair days! (I mean, I was only 6, but I liked going to the grocery store and help my mom out nonetheless.)

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