The car place is actually only about a mile and a half from my office, and thanks to the excellent Go Boulder Bicycle & Pedestrian Map (which I can never find when I want it), I discovered that it’s easy to get there using the Boulder Creek Trail. It was an easy 20 minute push along the creek, past birds, trees, prairie dogs, under the railroad tracks and past an office park to go pick up my car …

… which needs $1000 worth of air conditioning repairs.


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  1. Patricia Tryon

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Guess they didn’t actually “fix” it last fall. IMHO A/C is so not optional where we live. But one piece of luck we had with Infiniti is that they said that if the cheaper A/C fix they tried did not hold up, they would credit its charges to the more expensive fix, which was necessary several months down the road. That lessened the pain a little.


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