Man in the Green SUV

Dear Mr. Man Driving the Green SUV near Office Depot in Longmont,

As I pulled into a parking space, I saw you coming out from Office Depot with a shopping cart. As I unloaded my wheelchair, I saw you putting your purchases into your vehicle. As I transferred, I saw you carefully take the empty cart two parking spaces away and leave it in the middle of a handicapped permit space.

Before you drove away, I know you saw me round up your cart and push it out of the space, across the street, and back to the store. Please feel ashamed for the rest of the evening.

Have a Nice Day.



  1. Terry Welker AIA

    Hi Katja,

    Your story reminds me of a humorous site called Gimp Eye for the Clueless Guy. He actually photographs these events and posts them. Check it out at

    ;) from Ohio

  2. Katja

    Yup, Gimp Eye is a goodie!


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