Accessible bathroom photos

I’ve had a couple of requests to post some pictures of our home modifications, and I’ve finally gotten around to starting.

This bathroom used to have no window (very dark cave), and a wall with a pocket door between the lavatory and the toilet, making the toilet/shower area inaccessible.

remodelled bathroom

Our remodelled bathroom

remodelled bathroom

Yes, I can turn on the taps all by myself

remodelled bathroom

How wide is it? This wide!


  1. Fazia Rizvi

    Hey, the bathroom looks great – and so do you! (You look younger than I remember.) Geez, I’ve known you online for how long now? I’ve always had in my head some blurry picture from an SFLA gathering on the East coast back in the mid-90’s. Nice to get a mental update!

  2. Patricia

    Great job, Katja! Light, bright, airy…and, most important of all, ACCESSIBLE!!! It’s terrific to see you too. Now I can have an image of you when I read your blog. Kool wheels, too!

  3. Katja

    Let’s see, Youngest Son is almost 14, and we’ve been together since shortly after he was born. Like, 100 years in Internet years.


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