Protesters – Obnoxious Irritants, or ?

The lady who sits next to me at the symphony has a degenerative neuro-muscular disease, and is clearly getting worse. Yesterday we wound up chatting about AFOs and parking and how hard it is to walk up the sloped auditorium.

She told me that she used to work in the President’s office at UC Berkeley. She remembers the active disability rights movement there in the 60s and 70s. “The protesters would chain themselves to the buildings – all these people in wheelchairs,” she said. “It made it so hard to get into work. I remember how obnoxious I thought they were – and now I’m so grateful for everything they accomplished!”


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  1. Scott Rains

    Vindicated – all these years later!

    I recall seeing a book describing an architectural response to our street-level civil rights activities. The author called it “post-revolutionary architecture” — no place to hide or attach chains.

    I also remember that those were the days when the police often thought arresting us was too tedious to bother with. The jails were inaccessible.

    Well, that’s progess, I guess.


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