Passive Aggressive Martyr

I did Passive Aggressive Martyr today.

The boys’ high school swim season has started. This year’s Swim Team Mom (whom I have not yet met) is desperate for help. She sent out an email asking for timers on Thursday, for concession workers on Friday and Saturday, and for baked goods to sell at the concession.

I told her my husband would time on Thursday, that I could provide baked goods on Friday, but that due to a prior commitment (my choir concert), I couldn’t work the concession. I asked if there was someone who could take my baked goods.

STM seems to be a little stressed. She informed me that she works full time, she’s got three kids, her husband is out of town, and she just cannot do anymore than she is already doing.

I thought to myself, honey, I can so trump you. But I didn’t. I took baked goods to the meet, even though that meant that I barely had time to go home and change before the concert.


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