Medicaid Tragedy

Alabama Medicaid’s 21 cut-off policy, a tragedy: The 19th Floor: Worlds Apart .


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  1. Bob Armstrong

    The fundamental question on health care is: Is health care a human right or a luxury?

    Market forces can not be expected to address this question in my opinion. Our health care system is a fractured mess that can deny care to those who need it most and cause heart breaking outcomes like that which happened to Chris Wiggins and family. Our current health care policies punish families such as the Wiggins, punishes tax payers who end up paying for the medical costs of those who are uninsured and elevates the bottom line of insurance companies over the needs of people. Health care is not like buying a car or going to the grocery store. Most of us do not go to the Yellow Pages or Internet to shop around for a doctor or dentist. We fall ill and see a local doctor, perhaps we are referred to a specialist, but do we really shop around? So I am for universal health care as a policy. We can re-structure our system of delivering care. We can re-strucutre incentives to lower the burden on American business and provide universal — all we need is the will.


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