Making Churches Accessible

Via Scott, Making Churches Accessible: Activist Asks Houses of Worship to Open Their Doors.

I have to give NPR an Obfuscated Website award, though – their search feature seems to be hopeless. Even if you use the exact title and date of a story from their website, their search function won’t find it. Even if you go directly to a feature story, you can’t order a transcript of it without going through the hopeless search exercise.



  1. Scott Rains

    I never brought it to consciousness but I realize that my experience findng information at the NPR site has never been very satisfactory either.

    I notice that they don’t sport the “Bobby Approved” logo from I wonder what an accessiblity audit of their site would show?

  2. Patricia Tryon

    Quoth Katja: The problems are more systemic than cosmetic, though.

    Like so much of life. That would be a very good email sig for me these days.

  3. Katja

    Neither the graphic nor the text-only website validates – there’s no doctype or character encoding. It doesn’t fare too well with Bobby, either.

    The problems are more systemic than cosmetic, though.


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