Which Came First?

The immune response or the myelin deterioration?

New Data Challenge Theories of Multiple Sclerosis



  1. LA

    Yoga pants are sort of sweatpants. Except the ankles aren’t elastic and the waist is lower. The legs are cut full and the material is soft like cashmere, but a bit stretchy like ballet leotards, so it hangs nicely. Absolutely totally fabulously comfortable and amazingly flattering considering they ARE sort of like sweatpants. I just tried ‘yoga pants’ at Google and 288,000 matches came up. Odd that you got zilch. Curious me wonders if you have full day dark or seriously diminished daylight in the winter? If so, does it bother you? ~LA

  2. LA

    Okay, I’m confused. I thought you lived in Sitka, Alaska. Must have missed when you moved. I know where Colorado is and it’s not above the Arctic Circle. Though it may feel like that at times! :-) Katja, I appreciate you striving for accuracy when responding to my stuff, but it’s not necessary to quote me back to myself. Unless there’s a substantial time lag, I have a decent grasp of what I said. You really don’t need to be hassling around cutting and pasting big blocks of text, ‘kay? Stay warm (no matter WHERE you are!) ~LA

  3. Katja

    Yoga pant discussion continues over at LA’s diary: Death, Marriage and Yoga Pants.


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