St. Martin’s Chamber Choir

No Exit

Attended a St. Martin’s Chamber Choir performance at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Denver last night.

The programming was wonderful – settings of the Magnificat and other Marian hymns from Gregorian chant to the present day. Director Tim Krueger is an Anglican choirmaster, and he placed the pieces in the context of the Office, particularly Vespers and Compline.

It was also a big William & Mary evening. The program listed one of the singers as a William & Mary grad, and the audience yielded two more. All three of us had sung in the Evensong Choir at Bruton Parish Church.

The church was quite accessible, especially for a downtown urban building. The main floor is well above street level, so instead of a ramp up, there is a broad ramp descending slightly below street level which takes you right to the lower floor elevator.

The amusing part of the evening was leaving the church, having the door lock behind me, and finding a car at the top of the ramp doing the most effective blocking I’ve ever seen – there was no way to squeeze 30″ of wheelchair past that car in any direction, and no way to get back into the church. Eventually the sound guy deigned to turn up and move his damn car.


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