Kate goes speed dating:

Being a disabled woman and a feminist has led me neatly to the conclusion that disability is liberating because it excuses me from ever having to attempt to replicate unrealistic Western ideals of womanhood. If I diet myself into oblivion, I still won’t look like a Supermodel because Supermodels don’t wobble. I will always wobble, therefore there is no point in me ever attempting to diet. It’s genius, I’m sure you agree.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Well, being pretty genius myself, I do agree! Where shall I send the Reddi-Whip?

  2. meg

    I”m not sure that I would agree that disability is liberating but I did like your piece about the assistive devices.

    A cane is OK, but when they see the chair it’s “oh no, that’s too bad” and so we do what we can without the chair so that they can feel better. The chair is liberating. I don’t use it much because it isn’t psychologically acceptable to my husband (and I can get around OK right now).

    It’s great that with the Web folks can learn more about all of the procedures and connect, in your case with others who have MS and experience the same world.

    Nice lemons, I just “got it”.

  3. Katja

    There’s a thread about walking on WheelchairJunkie just now that ties into your comment about doing without so that “they” feel better.

    I figure it’s at least as important for me to feel better :-).


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