More Desserts

Swimming Daughter made two State times! But this means she a) swims the State Meet this weekend, and it’s not as though she isn’t worn out enough, what with choir and advanced placement and volunteering and the talent show and … and b) she has to come up with gifts for all the other State qualifiers.

Here is what she made:

Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

At the store, buy ice cream, large cookies (we used the big round German butter cookies) and hard candies (we got peppermints and butterscotch candies).

Let the ice cream soften for about an hour. While it’s softening, put the candies in a plastic bag and smack them with a hammer till they are just shards of their former selves. Don’t do this on the good counter. We did try doing this with a rolling pin, but that made Swimming Daughter’s wrists hurt, and we decided that wasn’t such a hot idea, what with an important meet coming up.

Make fat ice cream sandwiches and roll the edges in candy shards. Freeze until hard. Wrap in foil and stash in a cooler at the swim meet until the coach lets the girls have them (no ice cream before swimming!).



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Great! At this rate, you’ll have to develop a separate “just desserts” blog ;-)

    I find that running the car over things that have been heavily glad-bagged works pretty well, too.

  2. SupperBlogger

    You have been blogged by SupperBlogger for having a really excellent blog! signed SupperBlogger, hungry super hero for hire

    PS. The ice-cream sandwiches were great! Sorry I ate ’em all…


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