Unjust Desserts

I keep forgetting to post this proof that I can be trained (by Patricia, based on her comments on the pie debacle).

We had friends over for dinner, and I made trifle for dessert, as follows:

Buy 1 angel food cake, two bags of frozen fruit, 4 vanilla pudding snack cups, and one can of Reddi-Whip (YES! REDDI-WHIP!).

Cut the angel food cake into slices. Make layers of everything (except the Reddi-Whip) in a pretty glass bowl. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve garnished with (yes) Reddi-Whip.

Big success, small effort. I was even asked for the recipe.

Thank you, Patricia.


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  1. Patricia Tryon

    ROFLMAO! Thanks for the recipe!


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