I joined a new choir (no grass growing under me!), and had to stop by the director’s house to pick up music. She’s giving me directions to the house, and ends with “…it’s the one with the small gray porch and the wheelchair ramp.”

Wheelchair ramp! Sure enough, she’s got a nice little ramp. I asked her if a family member used a chair, and she said no, she had to repair the porch for some other reason and didn’t see why she shouldn’t go ahead and put a ramp on.

How many temporarily able-bodied people do you suppose that ever occurs to? This may be a Good Sign.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    So where can we hear this choir? :-)

    Such a remodel occurs to me regularly because we’re in one of those odd new houses that, for some reason, has two very awkward steps up to the porch and in from the garage. But I have plenty of friends who use chairs and, after West Nile here in Boulder County last summer, plenty of other friends who do not feel super-stable on their feet. Universal access just makes sense and the surprising thing to me is that it has not yet worked its way into codes.

  2. Becky

    That’s awesome, Katja — definitely a Good Sign. :) I hope the choir records the concerts, I’d love to hear!

  3. Fazia Rizvi

    Ah! That’s refreshing to hear! (Best wishes for working with the new choir!)

  4. Katja

    Aster Women’s Chamber Choir. Concerts are in March – I’ll send you info.


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