Attack of the big noisy bugs

Out of the Frying Pan posted a link to Kill a Rat, and 100 other things to do this year:

17 Go and see the locusts. 2004 is the year that the 17-year locust emerges across the United States. Millions of them – they’re actually a type of cicada – will make a loud, creepy buzzing sound all summer, breed, and then disappear for another 17 years.

I left Virginia, a beautiful state, seven years ago. Approximately a decade prior to that, as I was sweeping cicada husks several inches deep off my front stoop so that we could walk out of our house without crunching, I remarked to my husband that if we were going to move, it might be nice to do it before the next brood uprising.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be in Colorado.


5 thoughts on “Attack of the big noisy bugs

  1. I hope the above info is correct and that this particular bug does not devour all the green vegetation it can find. I have been rather spooked by the thought.

  2. Yeah! Check it out: Cicadas, Quick Facts

    Periodical cicadas, Magicicada species, such as the 17-year and 13-year “locusts,” are the longest-lived cicadas. They emerge during synchronized periods, often in spectacular numbers, every 17th or 13th year, respectively. Periodical cicadas are largely restricted to areas east of the Mississippi River and do not occur in Colorado.

    I love the Colorado extension service.

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