Moving On

Upgraded from Opera 6.06 to 7.2 – interesting to see how many CSS based sites look different.

Two useful things for creating links that last:
TinyURL – makes a short, permanent link to replace long, ugly links. An added advantage is that TinyURLs validate correctly, unlike a lot of URLs full of ‘?’ and ‘&’ characters.
New York Times Article Link Generator – creates a permanent link to a NYTimes article, instead of the transitory ones you get from them.

Found out that all those Stepford wife-like referrers in my referrer log are, of course, a new form of spam: A Preponderance of Evidence, MetaFilter,,



  1. Patricia Tryon

    Tray kewl. I’ve already passed this along to a friend who (unlike moi) does a useful blog. Thanks!

  2. bill

    Useful information. I’ll definitely try out the NYT generator and mabe the other one too . I suppose that anyone who clicks on it will still need to be subscribed to NYT though.

  3. Katja

    I don’t know – I haven’t needed a password in a while to follow links to NYTimes articles. It’s not cookies, because I wipe them every night.


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