The Communion of Saints, Part V

St Andrew Presbyterian Church

A lot of email has flown around on this issue the last few days.

The church has decided to defer restroom renovations. They are launching (again!) a Capital Campaign for renovations.

I asked them to re-configure the existing, unsafe, grab bars in the women’s restroom. I offered to purchase the new grab bars and have them installed. The committee responded that it will “discuss your grab-bar proposal and will communicate with MMPT and Session and give you feedback ASAP”. I find this faintly insulting – what is there to discuss? It’s a gift, take it!

The committee also says that it “fully understands your frustration and disappointment”. That and a dollar will get me a bad cup of coffee.

Why are these Christians not choking on their own hypocrisy?

I’m going to find a new rehearsal location. Wish me luck.



  1. Patricia Tryon

    FWIW, I’m choking on their condescension. They don’t “fully understand” a thing, which is why they are not choking on their hypocrisy.

    It is interesting to note that the Presbyterian Church of the USA Web site has what amounts to a theological statement and a theological reflection from the national denomination’s exploration of accessibility at their jubilee assembly in 2000; see Resolution on Disabilities: A Celebration of ‘That All May Enter’ The “work in progress” comment, intentionally or not, certainly gives local sessions an “out” in terms of urgency and it looks like these folks have grabbed hold. One would have expected better of Presbyterians.

  2. Patricia Tryon

    They’re not interested

    That pretty well says it. I am so sorry. Apparently it is easier to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven than to get into that Presbyterian church. *shaking head*

  3. Katja

    Thanks for the link.

    This congregation isn’t even saavy enough to know that they’re taking an out. I ordered (and paid for) all the materials that the national organization provides on the “That All May Enter” program and gave it to them, I bought all of NOD’s materials on their Accessible Congregations and “That All May Worship” Campaigns. I contacted the Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association mobility disability consultant and gave the pastor all our correspondence, I offered to assist in putting together an “Access Sunday” (allegedly observed annually by Presbyterians in May – I offered two years in a row!), I offered to teach a Christian Education class on disability issues – all that might as well have been thrown in a black hole. They’re not interested, and this is not important to them.

    Once I calm down (like, in a month or two), I’m going to write them a good-bye letter and ask that it be published for the congregation.


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