Fun with CSS

I spent some time today cleaning up one of my websites – every page has a different color scheme, and every page had a graphic title. I dreaded making new pages because I couldn’t always match the graphic.

So I converted all the graphic titles to CSS titles – I don’t like the way the font renders very well, but it’s easy to make new pages. I also finally learned that you can have multiple style sheets on one page – so now I have one for all the non-color elements and a different one for the colors. Before I was using different classes (<h1 class=”color1″>, <h1 class=”color2″>, etc). Now I just set all the background and foreground colors in the different color stylesheets.

I also made some nice little text buttons (the Map buttons on the 2003-2004 Season page). They change with the color schemes, too.

For the choir I needed to make a recording of a German text we’re singing, so I bought a $15 microphone, downloaded Audacity from SourceForge, and in about 15 minutes had a nice little recording! (Don’t bother to click unless you really want to hear me reading “O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf” in a clear voice.)


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