Spam in comments

I got spammed in my comments, by someone from IP (CHINANET Tianjin province network, administrative contact Dongmei Kou). I’m not quite sure what to do about it – I’ve banned the IP, but that’s not going to help. It was very explicit – not the “nice article, keep up the good work. lookup zip code” kind of stuff others have reported, but links containing pretty much every word you’d not be wanting your kids to see. Here are some suggested solutions I’m going to look in to (in to which I’m going to look?).

Of course the ironic thing is that I didn’t see the email notification for the spam comment because it was caught by my email filter.


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  1. Becky

    I just got hit by a comment-spammer, too – how weird. Mine was from and just repeated “F*** YOU” about 312 times. Thanks for the link – I’m going to implement this if I continue to get hit.


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