We’re sorry…

…but your call could not be completed as dialed.

Maybe a month ago I read in the paper that the lady who recorded the vast majority of voice mail and automated messages had died. I’ve been hunting for the article online, but unfortunately “voice mail” is not a very useful search term.

Yesterday I made a call, and must have misdialed, and heard a woman’s recorded voice, with a distinct East Indian accent, saying, “We’re sorry…”

Another sign of increasing multiculturalism. I like it.



  1. sandra

    I think she was (also?) the woman who lent her voice to the time-via-phone line. Maybe that will help your search…?

  2. sandra

    Cool! She sounded like a neat lady.

  3. Katja

    Bingo! Jane Barbe, voice of the telephone recording, dies.

    The magic search was “voice died voicemail”.


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