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I’m not very bright yet about what all the statistics mean for the website, but I always enjoy the Search Query report, which shows what phrase people were searching for when they found this site. The top two search phrases are “Geburtsanzeige” (which means “birth announcement” in German) and “low ceilings”. In general, all the German web pages (Herkunft und Jugenderfahrungen and Lehmbruch Fotogalerie) get hit a lot more in searches.

Here’s the list for yesterday:
2: unix utilities on windows
1: tuchatschewski
1: julie andrews
1: stuhmsdorf
1: teutonic hound
1: brown paper bag wallpaper
1: dirschau tczew
1: iltis einfangen
1: polnische korridor
1: fischmast
1: walmart woes
1: wheelchair van rental
1: langemarck mythos
1: geburtsanzeige
1: lagos pictures beach boats
1: unix utilities for windows
1: bride on crutches broken leg
1: zempelburg polen
1: 28 inch doors to garage
1: wheelchair journal



  1. Becky

    What program do you use to get your search queries?

  2. LA

    Hi! Yeah, D-land will list how people got to your page too. I mostly get Googled and some of the stuff that pops my page is weird, weird, weird. Like once I wrote an entry about painting one of Wolf’s toenails and nearly every day there’s a google from someone looking for pix of guys with painted toenails! UGH! Thanks for signing the g-book. This comments thing here is a bit awkward for me as I don’t know the protocol. Should I sign the most recent entry or like now, sign in the one which inspired me to leave a note? I’m a technophobe and hate looking like a doofus. Thanks, ~LA

  3. Katja

    I really like your javascript functions.

    It’s part of the statistics that my web host provides. They use analog, which is not the prettiest or most intelligible thing in the world, but gives me a little insight.

  4. Katja

    LA, I’m sorry I haven’t replied till now, I’ve just been a space cadet.

    The protocol of commenting question is a good one – when I leave a comment on someone else’s blog, then it’s incumbent upon me to remember that I did it and keep checking back to see how the discussion is going, which I find kind of awkward but is actually no different than all the bulletin boards out there.

    But I have no idea if you’ll ever see this reply, which makes me tend to want to reply to you in email as well, which then takes the whole conversation private.

    I’m not sure what the blogosphere has to say about that.


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