The glorious annual monsoon has arrived in Colorado.

After an abnormally cool June, we’ve had (like pretty much everybody else in the continental US) an abnormally hot July (tomatoes? in July? in Colorado?).

I went out this afternoon just after the rain and it was 65 degrees F; check out this temperature chart for the day (2 pm was the happy moment):

temperature graph



  1. sandra

    Our temp at the moment here in western OR is 102 degrees F. I’d take 85 and rain in a heartbeat! Bleah. :)

  2. Fazia Rizvi

    That’s really weird. Down here in Texas we’ve had an abnormally hot May and June and an abnormally cool July. Heck, it was breezy and probably in the 70’s outside. In July? In Texas? We should be having the weather Sandra’s having! I’m not complaining though – I’ll take this lovely weather, thank you. I’m just bewildered by it.


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