It’s All Good

In January I could not walk, I could not raise myself to a sitting position from a lying position, I could not roll over in bed by myself. I can now walk short distances on crutches, can transfer from wheelchair to car/bed/toilet, and am much less fatigued.

Pretty darn good.



  1. sandra

    Good? Nah, great. I’m happy for you!

  2. Katja

    Except I never should have jinxed it by saying anything in public because as of last night I’m not walking again.

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

  3. S


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  4. Katja

    Part of it is the heat – I’m okay in the morning, but if I go out for lunch I get overheated and then I use the chair for the rest of the day. Maybe I should figure out how to come up with the $2500 it’s going to cost to fix my car’s AC.


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