Don’t Read My Weblog?

I noticed this Blogger’s Disclaimer, and I’m stunned. How can you publish your thoughts and words to the most public forum possible, and then ask people not to read or comment on them?

If you don’t want anyone to read your blog, then keep it on your own hard drive (or get a paper journal and lock it in your top dresser drawer). If you only blog for a select audience, learn how to use .htaccess.

I’m also amazed that anyone would think that medium-blue text on a dark-blue background is readable.

Discussions about the disclaimer:



  1. bb

    I didn’t get past the first paragraph, took me that ‘long’ to realize it is rubbish. bg

  2. sandra

    Sheesh. I’m with you on this one, Katja. So, so hard to read.

    Oh. And stupid too. If you’re that worried about any of the things on that ‘list’… don’t post publicly.


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